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Product Pick: Designer Ice

As we enjoy the last days of the summer season, this week’s product pick is selected to keep your cool. These ice forms allow you to freeze your favorite flavored water or wow your guests with designer ice for their beverage. The size and shape are best used in pitchers, punch bowls or larger tumblers and actually melt slower than standard cubes.

  • Iced, orbed greatness comes as a pack of four, making 2 inch round orbs of chill
  • Fill with juice, lemon or lime segments, mint leaves, basil, berries and more
  • Larger ice means drinks stay cooler longer – won’t melt as fast!
  • Because they are sealed, ice won’t smell like leftover food in your refrigerator
  • Can be used in pitchers, cocktails, punch bowls and tumblers

Available on in sets of 4 / $9.99 or 10 / $19.99


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