Decorating Christmas Garland with Ribbon #HolidayPrep via @AnAppealingPlan

Decorating Christmas garland with ribbon is easy and a nice way to personalize it for your decor needs. Garland can be used around doorways, but it can be also used on a mantel above a bookcase, or perhaps along a buffet if you’re entertaining.

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In this video for eHow, I discuss how to  decorate Christmas garland with ribbon. Click the image above or click here to start the video.

You may have plain green garland that you would like to decorate, and you want to add a little bit of pizzazz, this project is perfect for you.

Start with 5 yards of ribbon or even a runner will work. Start with one end, leaving a few inches of ribbon before you make your first tie.

Instead of using floral wire, use the pieces of the garland to wrap around the ribbon. Start to move down, bunching the ribbon so you have nice volume and movement. Do not tie  it too tight onto the garland. Keep moving down this length of garland and adding these pieces.

Once you have done the entire length of that one garland, come back and add a second layer. And this is where you can really have a little bit more fun. In this video I use a red shimmery ribbon, but you can use any color, or you could leave it plain like this, you could use this more as a woodland rustic Christmas decoration.

Layer it on, again, leave that same length at the end.

You could also use garland to decorate your children’s room, using polka dots, or maybe tin soldier patterned ribbon.

What type of ribbon do you think will look best in your living room? Let me know in the comments below. Like + Share the joy with friends.

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