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The Power Of Positive

Who you spend time with can make a huge difference in your mindset. Today, take a moment to appreciate those that lift you up and begin to separate from those who are pulling you down. It’s not always easy to see this but you know it in your heart. When everyone around you is cheering […]

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You Amaze Me

    Most kids, when they are little, are told they are amazing. We clap when babies do pretty much anything, smile, laugh, point, etc.. We praise toddlers for putting a square block inside a square hole. These activities show progress and are important markers of development but really, are just the exact same activities […]

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What if you could Love Everyday?

love. love. love. That is what February is all about right? But what should we love… someone, something, someday?? Or is it possible to LOVE everyday? If we love the everyday then don’t we by default begin to love everything and everyone around us? And imagine really loving everything everyday. Doing away with the complaints. […]

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Taking Time for Peace, Justice + Gratitude.

  This weekend we watched Daniel Lewis, The Butler. Have you seen it? If not here is a blurb: ” The film tells the story of a White House butler who served eight American presidents over three decades. It traces the dramatic changes that swept American society during this time, from the civil rights movement to […]

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Weekend In Paris

This weekend many design enthusiasts and professionals made the pilgrimage to Paris for the Maison + Objet. Although 1000’s of miles away I am dreaming of the day when I can again visit Paris in the spring, attend this amazing event and walk the streets for inspiration. For now images will have to do. The […]

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GRATITUDE: In a permanent place

Ok, I was a late starter to the 30 days of gratitude pledge, and when I did start, it was only on Facebook. Which seems like a great place to get the word out, but now seems momentary and non-permanent. So today I am putting the words in a place that feels more like a journal. A location I […]

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DoSomethingQuote-An Appealing Plan

What will you do today?

What can you do today that you will be thankful for tomorrow, a week from now, a year from today? Is it something small that has been lingering on your “to do list” too long that will really only take 5 minutes to complete. Or is it something bigger, perhaps a phone call you have […]

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Food for Thought: enjoy the everyday

Each day we have a list of items we need to complete, a project that needs to get done, planning for the next big thing… Your real life is here and now. Be sure your surrounds and environment allow you to appreciate your everyday lifestyle while you are chasing the dream. ~ enjoy the day […]

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