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Fresh Eats Radio Guest Feature

I love twitter. I can’t help it. I know it may not be the best use of my time and in fact I frequently can’t believe how fast an hour can pass by when I simply log on to answer a question, or retweet something I like. However, in those lost hours are moments of […]

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How Does Karen Gillman of After The Band #CelebrateEveryday

In this interview with Karen Gillman, author of Life After the Band, we discuss An Appealing Plan, the book and how she finds ways to #CelebrateEveryday.   For the book launch I wanted to ask a few of my favorite people how they find ways in their busy schedules to celebrate everyday. The #CelebrateEveryday Interview […]

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Happy Mom. Happy Life. Finding Balance w/ Stacy Boegem

Many of my friends are new moms and have struggled with the changes every new moms face, all welcome of course but changes none the less. This was especially true for ones leaving high-profile or fast paced careers. It made me want to speak with someone who not only has been through theses same struggles, […]

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