January 5th, 2010

Good Morning and welcome to the world of blogging.  Or should I say welcome ME to the world of blogging.

I have quite a bit going on in my life these days, a new engagement, a recent move to Tampa Bay, rebuilding my business in a new area and economic climate, and quite a few Lofty Goals for the New Year of 2010.  I thought it seemed appropriate to document the progress through a blog. I suppose at this time mainly to track life for myself and with the possible hopes that some else out their may be interested.

I am keeping the Lofty Goals to myself right now. Currently my goal is to funnel my interests and passions into a more focused path for me to travel. I plan to use this blog as a path to this more focused path.  I hope to write as often as possible with a minimum of weekly. There it has begun!

Welcome and happy travels to us both.

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