Bringing Winter Bulbs To the South!

My business in the north grew slowly and through existing clients   so  I really never had much need to attend events as a vendor. Although I have developed and worked MANY events over the last 15 years, I have never solely representing ME and my brand.

Now that I am currently refocusing on my brand I felt the recent holiday shopping event would be the perfect time to jump in and “re-launch” my brand to my networking group, promote my holiday decorating  and maybe sell a few of my bulb vases.

Day of, I packed up my display items , cut some fresh evergreens for the aroma, worked till the last minute making labels, signage, pricing, etc… I was running behind schedule but excited to get there.

During the 3 hour event, I received fantastic support from my fellow members and even attendees who I had never met. I felt a great sense of pride at my table and truly proud to be back representing and discussing my passions of decorating, plants and bringing beauty to the world we live in. The evening turned out even better than expected.

I learned that forcing bulbs for the holidays is very much a Northern tradition. Almost everyone asked what they were!  Amaryllis they were familiar with but the Paperwhites…everyone wanted to see a picture (which I had not even considered but will next time for sure!). Luckily I was able to describe them with enough detail and the guests seemed pleased to carry away their new purchases.

All in all I felt very happy about the night. I learned more about my demographic, what information I need to provide them with and tips on how to related directly with them. I look forward to continuing my journey of building my brand in all regions of the country and learing about their traditions and teaching them mine.

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