Holiday Decorating: Woodland Christmas

Each project (no matter if it is a room, a garden or an event) should have a theme that loosely inspires the direction. The Woodland Christmas theme was inspired by walking into my local Lowes and seeing 3 buckets of those round scraps produced when they cut the bottom of Christmas trees for customers. I asked if I could take  a few and the very nice young employee said I could take as many as I wanted. Jackpot!

An Appealing Plan Holiday Table decor Buffet Table 1

Although I wanted to dump all three buckets into my car I controlled myself and only took two full bags. These little perfect and not so perfect stumps became my inspiration for the entranceway and tablescapes. Using the greens I found at my roadside green mirage , found pinecones, additional greens & wreaths from a local farmers market and bulk  cinnamon sticks from Micheals Craft’s I created various displays throughout the house including the dining room table where the buffet would be placed. Winter berries and red tulips added pops of color to the Woodland theme.

An Appealing Plan Holiday Entranceway
An Appealing Plan Holiday Table decor Side Table 2

What is your favorite way to decorate for the Holidays? Share in the comments below.

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