On the Road: NYC ~ Finding Inspiration on the Street

If you are like me, each city you have been to has locations and memories about it that you associate with being there and will become your list of “Favorite Things About ____” (insert city name here).  Growing up in the NY tri-state area, New York has always been the city for me with the longest list of favorite “things”. I feel the most comfortable there over most cities and towns and has the best memories associated to it. My trip last week allowed me to experience not just my usual favorites but experience new places, locations and add to my list of loves. (more on those next week…)

At the top of my list would be the availability of unexpected plant material. Especially during the winter season when the trees have lost their leaves and the center medians are bare of color {except nighttime when Park Avenue is aglow with trees}. The availability of flowers, greens and supplies on street corners, small bodegas, the flower market and more established floral shops is mind-blowing. Don’t think too much about what colors or plants you are meant to use, simply grab a little of everything place it in a container and it will work as a centerpiece. I promise!

I love being inspired by something new I see. Or this year something from the past, the small tree on Lexington & 96 marked Charlie Brown Tree $10 became the star of the mantle.

Enjoy your holiday decorating and being inspired by even items on the street!

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