Now thats a Focal Point

Gardening: INside or OUT. WoollyPockets Are the Answer.

What is a WoollyPocket??

Garden Shed DreamingWoolly Pocket was founded in 2008 by brothers Miguel & Rodney Nelson. …out of a personal need for a simple, DIY-consumer friendly system for gardening vertically, not yet available on the market. …they invented the breathable Woolly Pockets with internal moisture control that are made from recycled plastic bottles in USA. Now, the Nelson brothers are turning the gardening industry down side up. And the Woolly Pocket family is also helping millions of students learn nutrition and gardening through their Woolly School Garden program by creating a living garden classroom for students K–12.”

I have seen them for sale and have wanted a space to use them. Currently living with out the garden space of my dreams I have decided to bring it inside, and plan on placing them in my bathroom as well as master bedroom. Stay tuned for

Now thats a Focal Point

my progress as I continue my 2012 plans!

The images are just a few examples of how you can use them as well as the full description of how they are made.

Happy Growing! kf.

Perfect for any area indoors or outdoors where moisture protection and water conservation is desired.

1. HANGS SIMPLY Wally has easy fasteners and anchors that work on masonry, drywall, sheetrock, wood and metal walls. Hardware included.

2. SMART WATERING Water Wally’s back panel (the tongue) with a wine bottle or a long spout watering can. Wally’s tongue wicks water down directly to the roots. This conserves water and promotes plant health.

3. AUTOMATIC WATERING For larger installations, insert optional drip irrigation behind Wally’s tongue.

 4. PROTECTS WALLS Military-grade moisture barrier ensures that your walls stay dry.

5. SELF WATERING Reservoir allows tongue to continue wicking water to the roots.

6. STRONG, HEALTHY ROOTS Breathable felt allows moisture to evaporate and allows plants to air prune.

7. ECO-FRIENDLY Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET).

Happy Growing! kf.

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