Green Space in the City: Tudor City Greens



As mentioned in previous post my last visit to NYC I was determined to add to my list of favorite experiences, to do this I picked up a book by Allan Ishac called New York’s 50 best Places to Find Peace and Quiet (available at many bookstore in the NYC area or online).


Tudor City Greens is located First Ave. and Tudor City Place at 42nd Street, you have to climb 40 steps from 42nd Street which makes the first glimpse all that more anticipated. The there two portions of the “Greens” on each elevated side of 42nd. I arrived in winter but the peacefulness was just as noticeable perhaps even more so.


I loved all the seating available and can just imagine all the visitors reading and enjoying a cup of coffee on a summer day. I plan on returning in the spring to see all the plants and buds blooming. However if you are a gardener or artist of any kind you can appreciate all the organic shapes the dried flowers created against the city buildings.


The Gardens are maintained by local groups and volunteers. In fact there was someone in the shed and I actually waited to see if I would have the opportunity to thank the person working hard that evening doing a fall cleaning. But alas no one came out and I it was getting pretty dark. Time to head back. {If interested you may donate to the group and join their mailing list for updates on the official site.}


Ishac mentions in the book he can be found on the bench in the back under the Magnolia tree…he wasn’t there the day I visited..perhaps next time we can share the peace and quiet of this lovely green space.

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