Yellow Wellies On A Sunny Day

Not Just a Pretty Face.

Officially the holidays are over and your probably “not eating this” or “only a bite of that” but the reality of our uber-social lives is that most of us will either entertain at our homes this weekend, be invited somewhere for a party or simply meet friends for a congratulatory meal. And as Ms Emily Post says we should always bring something for the host (and put out the best for our guests…). Well I have found, and am now ready to share, what will now be your house chocolates and signature hostess gift.

Viktoria Richards Chocolates are more that just a pretty face. The most beautiful chocolates you will ever see are also some of the tastiest treats you will ever have.

“At Viktoria Richards Chocolates we introduce our customers to the traditional methods of chocolate making. By traditional, we mean, chocolates that are prepared daily, in small hand-made batches, with no preservatives. Our chocolates are created using only the finest French and Belgian chocolate, freshest creams, nuts, and fruits.”

Although based in the Tampa Bay Metro area VR Chocolates will ship anywhere. ANYWHERE. They will also work with businesses to creat gifts for your clients, even placing your logo on the perfect little squares.

Victoria and her husband Richard work non-stop marketing and producing these wonderfully appealing morsels. {I did drag her out for a coffee this week. And look forward to many more coffee chats in the future.} Visiting the shop is totally worth it, however, if you are in the Tampa Bay area you will find them in various boutiques and shops scattered throughout the area. Including but not limited to: CRU Cellars, Te Bella Tea Shop, FIG, Eds Fine Wines

Pretty + Tasty = An Appealing Plan

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