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Home Life: Tea Time. Remembering a forgotten ritual.

I lived two years of my childhood in London and grew up with a mother who to this day loves tea time, so how is it possible that yesterday I found my self searching through still unpacked boxes from two years ago for a Tea Pot. Had it really been TWO years since I brewed a full pot of tea and sat to enjoy it? Sure I have had a cup or two here and there {truth be told I am more of a coffee person on a daily basis. Decaf of course.} but not a true “spot of tea”.

Climbing around in the garage and finally finding one of my many tea pots I settled on a pure white version more on the casual side. After all you can’t go two years and jump right into a formal tea-pot. It just didn’t seem right. And for the cup and saucer, a pretty chinoiserie in green and blue.

For the tea ~ Loose Lavender Earl Grey by a great company out of Canada named simply “T”. whose tag line is “find peace in a teacup” A dollop of natural honey and I was ready.

I still had work to do so it wasn’t a official break but, the ritual of preparing the tea; opening up the box of loose leaves and smelling their aroma, boiling the water, pour the water over the leaves, patiently waiting for them to steep, setting out the cup & saucer, selecting the type of honey to pair with the flavor and finally sitting to sip the warm herbal goodness was calming in its own right. You always hear “Its the Little Things in Life” all the time and for me Tea Time is the perfect example. I vow to take a few minutes at least once a week to recreate this simple but incredibly enjoyable ritual. You should try it with me.

Appealing? I say yes. Let me know in the comments what ritual you know you should bring back to your day!

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