Outdoor Entertaining ~ Let There Be Light

Spring Entertaining means Outside Entertaining, but as most areas of the country are still waiting for daylight savings time to give us that additional hour of precious light, evenings still require additional lighting for dining, sitting by the fire or simply to light the way to your front door.

I was drawn into the Atlanta Urban Trends Collection showroom by the bright Orange Collection on the back wall, very close to the Pantone’s Color of the Year. Tango Tangerine  {a recurring theme on this trip. See Style on the Street }.

Can’t you just imagine the tiny square shadows that would be emitted on to the grass by a candle inside the shiny boxes when hung from a tree.

Walking further into the room I came upon a taller more natural feeling lantern placed on a block. Grey/White washed wood with a Lighthouse feel. This version would be great near your front walk to light the way for guests stopping over for a casual Sunday Supper. Or even surrounding the pool deck with 10 or so of them for a bigger impact. Imagine the shimmer off the water…

Finally I found my favorite!

These hanging lanterns remind me of driftwood saved from a past vacation. This collection can really work with any existing decor. Beachy and Traditional are the obivious. But they would also look amazing in contrast against a modern landscape or outdoor kitchen. Hung in groupings from a tree limb near a lake dock or on the eave of a small pool house, where you can admire the shape and design from all angles. I prefer white soy candles for a natural look but Orange or Bright Green would also be great.

Which ever shape or style you prefer, lanterns easily add personality, an intimate quality to your environment and an extra layer of lighting. Thank you Urban Trends for a bit of Spring dreaming on a grey cloudy day.

Happy Entertaining ~ kf.

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