High Style Planters As Clothing??

“Searching for clothing with room to grow? Look no further than Egle Cekanaviciute’s six-piece “Seed” collection, which doubles as a series of wearable planters. Using potato sacks and tailor’s muslin, the LIthuanian designer deftly manipulated familiar silhouettes to accommodate a sprawling assortment of living flora. Beneath the superficial whimsy, however, is a profound sentiment about human creation—specifically, our fundamental helplessness against “the power of nature.””

If you follow my posts you know I am a huge gardener, anything Eco lover, recycling, design, etc… everything that this collection stands for, BUT, even I’m not sure I could wear these and be serious. I mean as it is, at almost 6′ tall I am a pretty tall girl, and having a tree growing out behind me would just put me over the top!

That all being said, I love the concept and am pretty much jealous I didn’t come up with it…Would have loved to be at the runway show and see it in its glory.

As they stated, Fashion you can Grow with. Would you buy them?? Have an appealing day. ~ kf.

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