When Garden Containers, Design and Parties Go Bad

Whether is it for a garden project, home or event design, we all have good intentions, but then sometimes….things don’t turn out as expected. Believe me, I see it all the time around my neighborhood and on my travels.

CASE #1:

You carefully put together a beautiful garden containers to place near your home or business entranceway or pool patio area for the season to bring life and color to the environment. They look fabulous for a week or so, you get lots of compliments and then; you go out-of-town for a week, the combination of plants is wrong for the location or you simply forget about them completely. Next thing you know your guests are being greeted at your doorway by a container full of dried up, dead or past season plants {think Poinsettia in April}.

CASE #2:

Your High School BFF is pregnant and you have offered to host the Baby Shower at your home. With excitement you buy everything you can in pink and blue from the internet for the garden party of 25 guests. The box of items arrives with plenty of time but you suddenly realize you have no idea how to put it all together to make it all work together. You end up throwing them all on the table together and then buying pre-bunched flowers from the local shop, plop them in a vase smack in the middle of the table. Your intentions are great but your execution is not what you had wanted, not like your inspiration picture at all. Not for lack of trying but due to: creativity, design knowledge or simply time constraints.

Do these sound familiar? Well they do to me because I see them ALL the time. Intentions are high but execution or follow through does not match up to your vision.

Well I CAN’T take it anymore. Starting this week, I will be doing a weekly post on these situations. Heading out and taking pictures of “When Garden Containers, Design and Parties Go Bad”. Think store fronts who have let their curb appeal fail to match their brand image, homeowners who allow dead plants to remain in entranceway containers for weeks, people buying those dyed flowers in the supermarket, etc… I will then post them with solutions and suggestions to the design “situation”.

If your business, home, party, design, etc.. is featured not to fear. I will not leave you on your own, I will offer you my services to work with your dilemma such as: 1 free month of container maintenance,  25% off event coordination services or design consultation. {I will not be mean or mention your name or business, unless you have approved this}

If I am able, I will post a follow-up before and after with a picture of your happy smile.

Feel free to send suggestions and you will also get a certificate for my services if the item/location is featured.

So say CHEESE if you see me with my camera peaking from your bushes! x0 ~ krayl

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