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Festive Tailgating: Tips & Recipes



It is Football time again and although I have to admit, I don’t track the rankings until literally days before the actual Super Bowl, I do LOVE this time of year for the mere fact that there are so many opportunities to do what I love: Entertain.

Getting together with neighbors and friends to eat and drink from the back of an SUV is a tradition not be missed. BUT, just because you might be in a field or parking lot is no excuse to lose your sense of style. Try a tip or two below for your game day outing.


* MVP Bloody Mary Bar *

Setting up the perfect display takes a little planning and preparation but once set up the work is done. For tailgating use various sized tubs that can be filled with ice. Keeping everything in one place, cold and making for easy clean up once the game begins.

* Show Your Spirit. Tastefully. *

You love your team. We all get it. So be a good sport and decorate the table supporting both teams. Use wheatgrass as the “field” and accents from your local party store to create a tablescape worth cheering for.

* Taking the Show on the Road *

A true tailgate takes place in a parking lot or field, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous display. To create a backdrop for the food and beverage, lay a plaid or team logo blanket over the tailgate then begin to place your items with the dishes most likely to drip closest to the front.

* Green is Everyone’s Team Color *

Consider eco alternatives such as using ingredients are your vessel rather than disposable forks & plates to save on trash. Scoop chips work great for chili; Celery and pepper are ideal for dips; Wraps & Buns should be available for sandwich making. Provide an ample supply of eco-friendly napkins.



{Image & Recipe Provided by The Soul of Health}

                                      Turkey Chili with toppings: Baked Chips, Green Onions, Sour Cream, Cheese

                                      Buffalo Chicken Wraps {by Can You Stay For Dinner?}

                                      Sweet Pumpkin Hummus with Apples and Ginger Snaps {by Knead to Cook}

                                      Spinach Dip with: Carrots, Celery, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Pita Chips {by Lindsey Isham}

                                      Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Brownies {by Pennies on a Platter}


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