Happy Halloween!

A few of our favorite Halloween and Pumpkin Decorating ideas sure to please your parade of Goblins and Princesses! Be safe and have fun!

{Martha does it again. This image has been floating around for sometime but it’s still a favorite due to the use of a variety of shapes and sizes of pumpkins. To re-create it simply clean out the interiors and create a pattern with a knife or screw driver in your pumpkin. Place either a candle inside or for a more dramatic look place a string of white christmas lights inside, pushing one through each hole. }

{If one pumpkin is good, more  must be better right? Groupings have more impact than a single design element. Plus this way you don’t have to pick just one to be your favorite.}

{This technique is much more focused and must have taken quite some time to perfect, and a VERY sharp knife but it creates a look that is so pretty and elegant. Perfect for a entranceway table or centerpiece. Again, use a candle or fill with a string of lights.}

{I love the contrast of the black floor with the crisp white pumpkins. Fall with a classy more contemporary feel.}

Stay tuned. This fall decorating season is just beginning! ~ Krayl

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