Seasonal Decorating: Yes, Even in the South.

Although I am not exactly sure how it happened; It is October 5th already and Seasonal Decorating has kicked off in most parts of the country. October in the Northeast is a time of leaves changing, pumpkin patches, corn mazes {I mean the ones actually growing in the ground} and hay wagon rides with hot cider. In the South….not so much. After living all my life in the Northeast and now finding myself in the South this time of year is confusing to say the least.

Today it will be in the 80’s. I am wearing a tank top and flip-flops. How do you write about those cool fall nights with bonfires? October mornings with the fog hiding the turning trees? The sound of crisp leaves crunching below your feet when there is a pretty good chance we will head to the beach this weekend {at the very least a dip in the pool}. I have asked friends/clients in the cooler parts of the country to message me daily about the fall, “Tell me not just about the weather, but how it feels. Remind me of having to wear a sweater in the morning when at 12 noon on a sunny day you will not need it at all.”

This challenge carries over into my business. Seasonal Decorating is a huge part of my business. I use a ton of plants, live produce, and organic items in my natural style of decorating. This will be my 3rd Fall in the South and I have learned quite a bit about things you can and can not do as it relates to the Fall / Winter decorating. This year, my goal is to educate my readers and clients on some of the beautiful ways you CAN create the feeling of the season at your home. I will continue to write with my Northern clients & readers in mind as well {after all as they say “you can take the girl out of the North but you…..”. You know what I mean.} but also attempt to inspire the warm weather gang about how magical true seasonal decorating can be.

With this in mind: Today’s search for small mixed gourds, mini-white pumpkins and sunflowers was a huge success! I will be a busy lady this weekend placing them in bowls and scattering them around the house. {not to worry, pictures to follow for sure!} Enjoy! And please be sure to share your stories about the Fall in your part of the world so we can all learn.

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