GRATITUDE: In a permanent place

Ok, I was a late starter to the 30 days of gratitude pledge, and when I did start, it was only on Facebook. Which seems like a great place to get the word out, but now seems momentary and non-permanent. So today I am putting the words in a place that feels more like a journal. A location I can return to. {Remember back to the days when a blog was just that, a journal to track your thoughts, experiences, etc… not a marketing tool…}

And so we begin: Day 13
I am Grateful for our Home. I am thankful that we have a roof over our head and a place to come to at the end of the day that provides a safe sanctuary.


I am grateful that we are able to open our doors to friends and family during their travels and can offer them a room to stay.


I am grateful that we have a place to call ours at the end of a busy week or business trip.


Going forward for the remainder of November (plus those 10 days missed) I will post what I am most grateful for here so that it is a permanent reminder and place I can come back to on those days when I “forget” what I am most Grateful for. Stay tuned, visit daily and feel free to add what you are most Grateful for that day.

For a collection of all my Gratitude Sayings and Images please visit our Gratitude board on Pinterest.

Enjoy~ Krayl

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