DIY: Creating Mercury Glass At Home

Mercury glass, also known as silvered glass because of its look, is ornate. Its name may be deceiving because there is actually no mercury or silver in it. True Mercury glass is a mold-blown clear glass that has double-sided walls and then has a thick coat of silver-colored liquid nitrate inserted into it through a small opening the size of a pinhole. The tiny hole is then sealed up to keep the nitrate inside.

Mercury glass does age and the liquid nitrate can crack and fall from the double-sided walls. Mercury glass also oxidizes with age, due to air flow that can get in through the small pinhole opening if it wasn’t sealed properly. These factors create the “aged” look most of us associate with the name.

You can find pieces in many stores especially around the holidays however, what if you can’t find the particular shape you are looking for? There is good news, this DIY method is easy and produces a similar but unique version of the original.

An Appealing Plan Mercury DIY supplies


What you will need:
• Glass container or Candlestick
• Spray bottle
• Water
• Vinegar
• Newspaper
Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint

This project should be done in a well ventilated area. Making sure to thoroughly read the directions on the spray paint.

The hardest part of this project for me was actually locating the Krylon Looking Glass Spray locally, so I tried a few other versions which I really love with metallic gold and nickel finishes. They don’t produce the same mirrored look but I was really pleased with the gold versions and they look great on the dining room table.

Be sure to clean and then cover the item to be sprayed with newspaper or similar to protect the outside.


Mix the water and vinegar {this version used cider vinegar because that’s what was in the cabinet and I don’t think it made any difference but if you are buying it, select the white vinegar.} We saw and tried methods with and with out the vinegar. The vinegar addition was prefered as it helps the water form droplets and adhere to the sides of the container rather than slide down and pool.

Lightly mist the water on the walls of your container then spray the paint lightly on. Do not worry about covering each inch, you will need several coats and this is what creates the aged look.

Let each coating dry for several hours, even overnight, reapply as desired to reach the look and coverage you are hoping for.

An Appealing Plan Mercury Glass DIY Vase

Most warn that these should only be used as a votive and decorative but feeling wild and crazy, we plan on using them for flowers at an upcoming dinner party.  Stay tuned for an update next week on how it turned out.



Krylon Looking Glass Silver-Like Aerosol Spray

Glass Cleaner Bottle with Clear Spray Nozzle


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