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Gifts For The Gardener: Paperwhites

 Looking for a great way to give the gardener on your list flowers for the holidays and beyond: Grow them yourself — indoors. You can have fun picking out the perfect container to suit the recipients personal style which can then be reused for cut flowers or a terrarium.

Growing Paperwhites

These small bulbs will give you a fabulous display of fragrant flowers four to six weeks after you plant them. Forcing takes a lot of energy out of paperwhites, and they usually won’t produce good blooms again. When the flowers have faded, just toss the foliage and bulbs into the compost pile.


  • shallow container (no drainage hole)
  • paperwhite bulbs
  • water

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Fill a shallow container with pebbles or soil.
2. Add the bulbs, packing them pretty tightly. It’s OK if they touch each other, but be sure to place the roots facing down.
3. If using rocks: Add water to just below the base of the bulbs. If using soil: Add water so soil is moist but not wet.
4. Keep in a cool, dark place until the roots develop, then move the container to a window and wait for the flowers to appear. Each bulb will produce several flowering stems.
5. Change or add water every few days to keep it fresh and soil moist.

As they grow, you may want to help support them with Curly Willow or similar branch.

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