Holiday Gathering Checklist

There are only a few days left to plan your holiday gathering and chances are you already have 90% of it completed. Right? 75%? 25? Whatever percentage you currently find yourself, the below checklist will help you make it through the next few days  and ensure a happy holiday gathering for all.


□ Confirm you serving pieces and other items that you might need, such as platters, glasses, flatware, or table linens. Borrow, Rent or Purchase as needed.

□ Finalize your menu; organize recipes for easy reference. Create a time-line for preparing your chosen recipes; placing orders for any special menu items & include items that guests will be bringing.

□ Order flowers and confirm any other décor needs such as candles, napkins rings, placecards…

□ Prepare any items that can be frozen.

□ Read through recipes and make lists of the ingredients you need to buy. Stock your pantry to beat the “day before” crowds.

□ Purchase wine and liquor, and arrange delivery to your home if needed.

This Weekend:
□ Iron cloth napkins or tablecloths.

□ Wash serving pieces, plates, flatware, and glasses, and polish if necessary.

□ Make space in the refrigerator or freezer so you’ll have room to store groceries.

□ Set the table, to make sure you have all the dishes and serving utensils you’ll need. Write placecards and arrange on table.

1 Day Before:
□ Pick up fresh flowers (or have them delivered).

□ Place flower arrangements and other decor on table. This will give you time to make adjustments before guests arrive.

□ Set up the bar. Fill in as needed. Be sure to include a festive non-alcoholic option.

Day of:
□ Don’t forget to chill white wine, sparkling wine, beer and water. Be sure to leave ice for making drinks and chilling water.
Last but not least, enjoy yourself! If you have a good time, your guests will have a great time as well.
CHEERS from An Appealing Plan!

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