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10 Tips For A Winning Superbowl Buffet

Super Bowl entertaining is just hours away, you have probably have already invited guests and planned your menu, or perhaps you just decided to have guests over moments ago. Whichever the case may be, the below tips are sure to make you an MVP Host.

Super Bowl Sunday Entertaining Tips #AnAppealingPlan

Actually watching the big game is only half the fun.  Host friends and family in your home to watch the big game, and celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with good company and conversation. Kick off the festivities with football-theme decorations and a game-day menu with delicious appetizers, and fresh beverages.

1: Test Your Luck. Go for Potluck.

According to the USDA, the Super Bowl is the second-largest food consumption holiday of the year, behind Thanksgiving and ahead of Christmas Day, so why go it alone. Recruit your guests to assist in the food preparation.

Potluck means each guest brings a dish that all of the other guests will share. To ensure a proper Super Bowl spread or so you don’t have two or more people bringing the same dish, encourage your guests to sign up for a certain food beforehand. And keep in mind that some guests may need to prepare or warm up their food in your oven. Be ready with additional serving platters and utensils.

2: Cook Ahead of Time!

Hosting a game day party can be stressful. Save yourself some time and worry by preparing the food ahead of time! Prepping your food the day or morning of will allow you time to put the finishing touches on your table and decor and actually spend time with your guests.

3: Take Some Pressure Off. Consider A Sandwich Buffet.

Instead of trying to make all the food, set up a buffet so people can serve themselves, even if it’s just on the kitchen island. Put out things like hard salami, provolone cheese, prosciutto, sliced baked turkey, sliced avocado, fresh lettuce leaves, diced black olives. You could chop basil and mix it with mayonnaise for a fresh flavorful spread.

4: Choose Festive Decor That Doesn’t Over Power.


There’s a fine line between festive and tacky. Steer clear of football-shaped cakes and turning the table into a miniature football field. Instead show your team spirit with strategically placed footballs, vintage helmets, paper team logos, or other football-theme accessories on the food table or around the party area. Party supply stores are a good resource for inexpensive football decorations. Break out that foam finger for a good laugh at half-time. But watch the ceiling fan!

5: Vary Your Guests Drink Options

An Appealing Plan Tangerine Thyme Cocktail

Beer may be the classic football combination but it isn’t everyone’s first choice. Make a delicious Tangerine Thyme  or a colorful Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail by the pitcher and be sure to have a few bottles of red & white wine on hand.

Offer cocktails for the beer fan, a twist on beer for guests who like to try something new.  Try adding 1 ounce of both Orange liqueur  and orange juice to classic wheat beer for a refreshing twist. And ALWAYS offer water and a non-alcoholic drink option, such  Vanilla Mint Soda Sipper  as a festive option for party guests who choose non-alcoholic drinks.

6: Keep It Safe & Clean.

Your buffet will be filled with a variety of food items. Consider which items need to be kept warm and which will need to be chilled. Warm dishes may need crockpots or warming plates; cold items may need to rest in a bed of ice to be safe. Place items with dripping sauces towards the front of the table so guests are able to fill their plates with out too much mess.

7: Being Green is Always #1

When hosting small gatherings as well as big blowouts, find ways to make your events environmentally sustainable. Reuse materials as much as you can when planning and decorating, and use compostable paper plates and cups, as well as recyclable cutlery {even better, consider providing plates and silverware if your group is on the smaller size. There’s nothing more annoying than snapping a fork in two while trying into your perfectly grilled steak.}

8: Provide a Bloody Mary Bar

An Appealing Plan_Bloody Mary Bar_All Items Set up

Setting up a separate area for a Bloody Mary bar allows for small spills and easy clean up away from the food table. Place Vodka, Bloody Mary Mix and Tomato Juice in a bucket filled with ice. Provide all needed fixing so guests can mix up their perfect blend. Be sure to include the standard: Horseradish, Worcestershire Sauce, Ground Black Pepper and a few unexpected options: Old Bay and natural hot sauce. {For a full description see MVP Bloody Mary Bar}

9: Always Leave room for more.

Whether you ask your guests to bring a dish or not inevitably someone will bring one. Make sure to leave a little space on your buffet table to easy slide the new dish in, thanking your guests for their contribution to the gathering. Making your guests feel welcome and helpful will set a positive tone for your celebration.

10: Make Your Guests the Real MVP.


At the end of the day, it might not be your favorite team in that last final game, but it’s more about bringing your friends and family together, enjoying the time together.

GO TEAM! ~ Krayl

Here’s a peek of the dishes #SundaySupper has coming your way on Super Bowl Sunday (you don’t want to miss this spread…trust me!):

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#SundaySupper Super Bowl Main Dishes:

#SundaySupper Super Bowl Desserts:

#SundaySupper Super Bowl Tablescape:  10 Tips For A Winning Superbowl Buffet Table from An Appealing Plan


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