A Romantic Table For Two Please

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Romantic Tablescape

Creating a romantic tablescape for Valentines Day Dinner, Breakfast or Lunch can be easy.  Using your standard white plates and the addition of a few items from your local craft store your table will be ready in no time.


  • White Dinner Plate x 2
  • White Salad or Accent Plate x 2
  • Red Heart Doilies x 6
  • Crisp White Cotton Napkin x 2
  • Red Heart Ornaments or Similar x 2 +
  • Silver Flatware
  • Black or Clear Stemware

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Tablescape Supplies

Place one dinner plate at each placesetting.

{For more detailed information on placesettings see Place Settings Explained}

#AnAppealingPlan Valtines's Dinner Tablescape White Plate

Place three red heart doilies in a circular pattern on top of plate so that the top of each heart is touching the outside edge of the plate.

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Tablescape 4

Place white salad or accent plate on top of doilies. Adjust edges as needed.

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Tablescape Ideas

Fold white cotton napkin in three. Turn left side under, turn right side under to create a long rectangle. Place on top of salad plate.

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Romantic Tablescape

Place a red heart ornament on top of napkin to add a special touch.

#AnAppealingPlan Valentines's Dinner Tablescape  Romantic table ideas

Add flatware to each as well as a carefully selected glassware. White or silver votives create a warm glow.

For your centerpiece rather than the standard purchased mixed bouquet, try something different. Think outside the box, get creative with a Love Tree, Love Pond or put two red fish in bowl to represent each of you.

Add your favorite person and let the sparks fly!

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#SundaySupper Valentine’s Day Tablescape: A Romantic Table For Two Please from An Appealing Plan

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