Entranceway Design: Bamboo As a Structural Element in Vero

On a recent trip to Vero Beach, FL we stopped into Gloria Estefan’s hotel and restaurant, Costa de Este on the beach.

Although the day was cool and overcast the staff at the pool bar was welcoming and gracious, the drinks and view were delicious.

The restaurant was not yet open for dinner but the architecture of the entranceway caught my eye and I had to take a few pictures.


I love how the circles in the concrete wall provide just enough light through but still offer guests protection from the parking area. The bamboo clusters are perfectly placed and thinned to again let the light through but still create a barrier. The bamboo was at least 15 feet tall and grew through circles in the roof area up to the sky.

Large beach pebbles create a clean covering for the base of the bamboo and near by walkway.

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