Last Minute Tips and Crafts for Making Mothers Day Special.

Sure you should have planned ahead.  But in case you didn’t check out these tips for making Mother’s Day extra special.

Mother’s Day: Last Minute Tips to Show Mom Your Appreciation

Mom Comes First, Period.

It is mom’s special day. Make sure you are actually doing what SHE wants to do.

          Breakfast in bed may be YOUR idea of heaven but Mom may not want crumbs in her sheets.

          Brunch or Lunch are nice options; giving Mom time to sleep in while still spending time with loved ones.

          Create the menu based on what she regularly orders when dining out.

Small touches can make even everyday activities special.

Adding small personal touches to everyday activities and gatherings shows you care can create a lasting memory.

          Start Mom’s day with coffee in bed and her favorite magazines. {plus this gives you extra time to prepare}

          Suggest mom take a bath and have fresh towels, soaps and a candle ready for her.

          Create a special Mother’s Day Tea time just for the two of you with personalized tea bags.

Nothing is Perfect: A No Fuss Table

Think back to when you were in grade school and you made a “family” portrait with finger paints and mom hung it on the fridge? When you start to stress out, remember those times and that she loves you no matter what your table looks like.

          Bring out the linens. They elevate the meal and create a canvas to start your tablescapes.

o   Create hand-made napkin rings, place cards or menus.

          Think outside the box when it comes to your table:

o   Frame just made pictures or sayings and place on the table to greet mom.

o   Create keepsakes. Have grandkids draw pictures of their favorite memories on a tablecloth to use again.

          Edible flowers are an unexpected addition and easy to find. A salad of tender greens topped with edible flowers are a splurge; treat your mom to these instead of the usual bouquet.



          In case you forget: Go back to beginning, Mom is #1.

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