My Week In Instagram: Fourth Week In July


I love Instagram and have started using it as my way of tracking my life in pictures. I think everyone should be there. But alas not everyone is. So I thought, why should only the people on Instagram get to see all these fabulous images and adventures? It didn’t seem fair. SO… welcome to


A weekly post filled with images of my life, loves & travels . Enjoy.

#AnAppealingPlan #FWConf13 @Rosen College

Rosen College for the Orlando Food & Wine Conference.

#AnAppealingPlan #FWConf13 @KatieWorkman100 Food Demo

Katie Workman and Kim Chi Mom  during the  “Channeling Sara Molton” food demonstration.

#AnAppealingPlan Behind the Man with the Camera #FWConf13

Image titled: “Behind the Man Behind the Camera”. {NYC Filmmaker Michael Levine of Matzo Film}

#AnAppealingPlan Bougainvillea Pink Image #Garden

Bougainvillea blooming in a garden on my daily walk.

#AnAppealingPlan Globe Pendant lighting at CopperFish #Tampa

I spotted these globe light at Copper Fish in Tampa, FL. They did a fantastic job on the decor!

#AnAppealingPlan Sweet Potato #Bacon Quiche

Sweet Potato, Bacon & Cheese Quiche made at home on Sunday. {recipe to follow shortly}

#AnAppealingPlan First Fig Picture

The FIRST fig from my new fig tree. Slightly over ripe but I am still SO proud.

#AnAppealingPlan Piquant Patio Urn #Garden #FLowers

Garden urn filled with summer color ready to be placed on the outside patio of Piquant Hyde Park.

Well that’s the week in photo’s, I didn’t want the first week to overwhelm you… Get ready for August {it’s my birthday month and sure to be filled with some juicy ones!}

xo ~ Krayl


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