How to Prepare Your Bar for Entertaining Guests.

Is hosting anxiety keeping you from inviting friends and family over? Do you go to parties and think, “I could never do this at my house”. Once you learn how to prepare your bar for entertaining guests that stress with fade away!

I’m here to tell you, with just a few things in place you CAN entertain more with LESS stress. That’s right. You can be that girl. The one who is always ready to greet guests with open arms and ease. The hostess that floats around the room calmly welcoming guests, setting a gorgeous table and somehow doing it all while looking completely at ease.

But, before you send out the invites and your guests are knocking on your door and expecting to be handed a welcome cocktail, we need to get a few things in place. In this Party Preppin’ video I discuss tips, ideas and a few basic barware items every home bar should have on hand.

Now don’t you feel better already! In a matter of less then one day your bar will be ready to go.

Before you head out to your favorite local shop or on-line retailer to pick up those items you are missing, leave a comment below letting me know the top 2 things you worry about the most when inviting guests over to your home.

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