SUMMER,  Yellow Wellies On A Sunny Day

My Week In Instagram August 1

Back by popular demand….

 My Week In Instagram

#AnAppealingPlan INstragm August Week 1 - lamp #HomeGoodsHappy

{I started off in the aisles of Home Goods.  Spotted this great entranceway lamp x 2.}

#AnAppealingPlan INstragm August Week 1 - #sunflower #Garden

 {My darling husband picked up Sunflowers for me. I cut them short and placed them on the dining room table.}

#AnAppealingPlan INstragm August Week 1 - Dark and Stormy #ReedsGingerBrew #KrackenRum

{Friday afternoon… testing & tasting recipes for Sunday’s Post: Dark and Stormy Cocktail. Worth a visit to the post, even if it is just for the Bruce tune.}

#AnAppealingPlan INstragm August Week 1 - #Happy Sunshine

{Saturday morning we woke up and the sun was shining down on me for my birthday at the beach! I love the green leaves against the terracotta and his happy smile.}

#AnAppealingPlan INstragm August Week 1 - Mimosa @GardenandGunMag

{Poolside with Mimosa’s, Husband and Garden & Gun Magazine. My new favorite subscription with tons of recipes, restaurants, and other information geared towards the South, and actually very few guns…}

#AnAppealingPlan INstragm August Week 1 - #Foodie Snack by the pool

{Snacks galore. Even poolside you can take the time to create an attractive table. I used shells from the beach and the houla ladies to dress up this spread.}

#AnAppealingPlan INstragm August Week 1 - Mr Grasshopper

{Using my lifeguard skills, I saved Mr. Greenjeans after he flew head first into the pool. He dried off his wings and legs right in front of us and kindly waited just long enough to allow me to get his close up, then flew away. Nice to meet you sir.}

Hope you had a great week. Where did you go? See? Eat? Entertain? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Krayl

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