Are you ready for overnight visitors? How to prepare your guestroom.

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An experienced host knows that entertaining doesn’t just happen around the table. The guest experience begins the moment you decide to invite visitors to gather. As it relates to the physical environment, it may include spaces away from your home or spaces around and in your home you may not at first consider such as the entranceway, the powder room and your guest room, just to name a few.

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In many homes the guest room is also an office, craft room or a place where everything lands until the next knock on the door occurs and you run to clean and stock it to welcome an overnight visitor.

The good news is that with a little preparation you can whip that spare forgotten room in to a space worthy of AAA rating.

In this video I am discuss my top 9 {see it is so easy I didn’t even need #10!} items every guest room should have to ensure your guests are right at home during their stay. Check out the video by clicking the image below.

 In case you missed them, here is the short list:
1 – Extra Pillows
2 – Extra Blankets
3 – Extra Towels
5 – Clock
6 – Candle
7 – Fresh Flowers or Live Plant
8 – Snacks
9 – A Bottle of Water
Feeling more confident? Ready to set the date and call up that friend you keep saying you would like to see more? Deep breath, you can do it. Looking for more help… consider one of my seasonal home boxes to make sure your home is ready 365 days of the year!

21 Replies to “Are you ready for overnight visitors? How to prepare your guestroom.”

  1. I appreciate a fresh and clean bathroom when a visit people! I do the same with fresh towels and bath soaps but will need to add flowers and a candle!

  2. I love to entertain and that also means hosting overnight guests! You have great tips that are easy and give a warm welcome to your any guest! Fresh flowers is a must as are clean sheets and towels at my house!

  3. All good tips. I recently just stocked out guest room and have a drawer with essentials like shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc. All travel size that I have accumulated. My relative come often and these items seem to be appreciated.

  4. My mom used to save the little shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles from hotels and then put them in a tiny basket in the guest bathroom. That way, they get a new bottle each time and then they can keep it or you can toss it so the next guest has their own toiletries!

  5. Krayl,
    This video was so timely for me. I am preparing a guest room for my sister. You mentioned a couple of items, one being flowers, that I had not thought of. Enjoyed the video.

    Thank you.

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