4 Years and You Are Invited to Celebrate!

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In one month I will celebrate my 4 year anniversary of my move to Tampa, Florida. FOUR YEARS. F-O-U-R YEARS!

I honestly feel as though it was only a few months ago that I starting packing up my home, choosing which set of dishes would stay {ironically leaving my favorite white ones in New Hope…} and which would come along for the ride, hosting a farewell gathering, hugging everyone goodbye with teary eyes and pulling the overloaded Uhaul onto the road.

Over the last four years I have been lucky enough to build my business, and friendships, in Tampa Bay as well as maintain a strong presence with clients in the Northeast. However, each market’s growth is limited by my time and my geographic limitations. Certain projects warrant, and budgets allow, for my personal one-on-one services while others understandably do not. SO, the technological-age-old-question rears its head. How do you take a business solely based on personal one-on-one services and make it accessible to those clients that are looking for solutions on a regular basis, who are also not in my geographic market at that particular time? While I am pretty sure Sir Richard Branson is soon to announce the “Virgin Time Machine”, you need an answer in the meantime. As I wait for his invention to arrive at a price point under $1,000,000,  I am looking to provide you with other choices and invite you to help me develop them.

Of course my personal services will always available for you, but I want to also offer you another option when it comes to entertaining. A perfectly presented plan that arrives at your door. A real solution, not just another project, or addition to your too long to-do list.

This week’s video  provides more details, I hope you will consider watching and provide your input. I truly want to develop products and services that work for you, that create environments you feel inspired in and that allow you to enjoy the life you are working so hard for. Click here or the image to learn more.

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Thank you for your support & feedback during this develop stage. Click here to learn more.


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