Fall Decor for Glass Front Cabinets

decorate glass cabinets with indian corn #falldecor 403

Use Indian Corn to decorate more than your doorway. Hang it on glass cabinets in your kitchen or dining room to and a touch of fall to every room.

Supplies Needed:
• Indian Corn Bunch
• Wheat Stalks cut
• Ribbon to tie around bunch
• Ribbon cut to length to hang from to of cabinet
• Scissors
• Small nail or heavy duty hanging tape

Tie ribbon around corn bunch to create a bow around the front. Tuck wheat into ribbon front.

Loop second length of ribbon through the back of the bunch {occasionally your bunch may have a metal loop in place. Otherwise loop through the first ribbon tie.}

Using a small nail or other tacking tool, hidden on top of cabinet, hang bunch on the top half of the window.

Where else have you place your fall decor? Let me know in the comments below.

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