Easy Fall Decor Idea For a Small Space


white pumpkin and olive on stacked books #FallDecor #Autumn #Home

Adding small touches of Fall Décor around your home can be easier than you think. This small seasonal display can be used in a living room, on a bedroom night stand  or to greet out-of-town guests in a guest room.


  • Mini White Pumpkin
  • Small Cutting of an Olive Branch
  • Small Clear Glass Vase
  • Books for Stacking

Begin by stacking hardcover books on a table or nightstand. A variety of color is nice but stay in the same pallet for a calm visual appeal.

Place Olive Branch cuttings in vase with water. Making sure the bottom is dry. Add white mini pumpkin.

Viola! Instant Autumn!

What small details do you add to your home to bring the season inside? Let me know in the comments below. Like this post? Share with your friends and sign up to receive tips right to your mail box!

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