Holiday Placesetting Decorating With Grapevine Garland

Grapevine Garland Christmas decorations are a great way to liven up every area of your home, even your breakfast table.

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In this video, for eHow, I talk about grapevine garland Christmas decorations. An easy way to incorporate grapevine garland into the holiday decorations is to make napkin rings. This can be used on your holiday dinner table, but also it can be used everyday to liven up a breakfast table.



  • Wired Grapevine Garland Ribbon
  • Faux Sugared Berry or Ornament
  • Napkin
  • Placesetting


Start out with six inches of wired grapevine garland. Cut with a regular kitchen shears. Cut in the center of one of these sections to leave ends to tie together. Begin to wrap around your hand to create a tube to slide your napkin through.

Wire sugared berry ornament on top to secure. Place on top of placesetting. Enjoy.

Do you decorate the table for everyday meals? Tell me in the comments below, your favorite way add a special touch to the table. 



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