From Board Room to Dining Room Interview Series: Courtney Hawkins

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 When Courtney Hawkins enters a room you know it. She is one of those people who truly light up a space. Her enthusiasm for life radiates through her smile and is amazingly contagious. Whether you are talking about her kids, her business or simply the weather it is a passionate discussion usually filled with laughter.

I was lucky enough to get her to sit in a chair for 30 minutes to chat about life, her new book and how she has found a way to separate work time from family time {well… most of the time.}.

I hope you enjoy this lively conversation as much as I did, and please excuse the minor technical challenges.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

Regarding Family +  Home Life: “As I have continued to grow is keeping balance. … When you are invested in doing one thing you are concisously chosing to give up something else…. So I need to figure out what is important to me. and what I can give to someone else.”

Regarding Business: “I waited to long to bring on another person to my business.”; “I should have hired someone earlier. ” ” I am much more productive when I have others to stratigize with.”





Achiever, believer and natural born leader, Courtney Hawkins lives her life positively impacting others. Her early entrepreneurial spirit manifested itself into a thriving business opportunity that has allowed her to share this gift with thousands of other women. Her most meaningful and impactful contributions have been her privilege to inspire women to live their passion and empower them to financial freedom.

Courtney Holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology and a Masters of sScience in Communication Disorders and Sciences.  She is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and holds her Certificate of Clinical Competency through the American Speech and Hearing Association.

Courtney’s successes include being a founding consultant of Thirty-One® Gifts and one of the first twenty women to achieve the highest ranking title as a Senior Executive Director.  In 2007, she was appointed a member of the Presidential Advisory Council and has served on the Leadership Council for four years as a Top Bonus Earner and Top Dreambuilder.  One of her proudest achievements was being featured as a Circle of Honor Member.

Courtney speaks at leadership summits and professional and personal development opportunities.  Presently she leads a multi-million dollar downline team of over 14,000 women.

View her entire website here:

What can you learn from Courtney’s experience in waiting to hire someone to work with her? Share you thoughts in the comments below. 

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