Festive Decorations for A Holiday Table

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During the holiday season it’s nice to have decorations out that are festive for the entire season. In this video for, I show you two different ideas that you can use for centerpieces. The first is going to be one that you can leave out during the entire season, and then the second is for a special gathering.


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White + Silver Ornament Centerpiece


  • Long Silver Tray
  • Large White Christmas Balls
  • Small Silver Christmas Balls


Begin with a clean long tray then begin to add large the larger balls as the base for the centerpiece. Add the smaller silver balls in groups of three on top and in the sides.

And as I mentioned, this can be left out all season long on your dinner table, or perhaps an entrance way table, and just place those in there. And this can be left out really through New Years, ’cause as you can tell, it’s not really red or green, and so that’s really nice on a beautiful entrance way or down the center of your table.

Festive Party Decorations via @AnAppealingPlan #holidaytable #partyplanning #centerpices 2 403

Cranberry + Birchwood Votive


  • Birchwood Container
  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Small White Glass Votive Candle
  • Filler for Bottom of Container: Stones or Bubble Wrap


Begin with an empty Birchwood container and place stones, pebbles or other to fill the bottom. Place glass votive in so that top of votive is still slightly above the edge of the container. Pour Cranberries around the votive making sure to remove any that may fall into the glass votive.

Use as a single display or create 3 to place down the center of your table.


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{This video series was filmed at Datz Dough in Tampa, FL. For more information on the restaurant and private rooms visit:}

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