Ideas for Decorating Christmas Evergreen Swags.

Making your own ever green swags is easy and a gorgeous way to decorate an entranceway, bookcase or even a chair! In this video for ehow I discuss how to make and decorate Christmas swags.

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Making your own Christmas swag decorations is easy! Clip greens from your backyard, collect them from your local tree stand or pick them up at a market. Once you make one your whole house will be filled with these festive seasonal decorations.

decorate your chairs with evergreen swags via @AnAppealingPlan #HolidayTable @ehow 403


  • Evergreen Branches
  • Magnolia Branches
  • Rosemary
  • Unpainted Wood Sleigh Ornament
  • Letter Ornament
  • Ribbon Cut to Length
  • Green Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Garden Clippers

Start by stacking the greens on top of each other. Longer and wider greens should be placed on the bottom, working up to the smaller items.

Tie the top or center of the branches together using floral wire. Be sure to wrap it around several times to ensure it is secure. Loop the end to create a hook to help hang or for ribbon. Attach ornament and initial with a short length of ribbon.

Wrap ribbon around the entire swag and tie it loosely leaving lots of length on the end so the ribbons hang down. If you are hanging on your chair place the swag approximately where you would like it to hang then cut the ribbon to length. Tie ribbon around back of chair. Repeat for each guest.

Invite guest and enjoy!

What other type of decorations do you use on your dinning room of kitchen chairs during the holidays? Let me know in the comments below. LIKE + SHARE. 

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