From Board Room to Dining Room Interview Series: Annette Saldana + Krayl Funch


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In this interview with Annette Saldana we discuss the importance of an office door, hiring virtual & personal support, asking for what you want and having a great front porch to visit with neighbors.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

Regarding Family +  Home Life:     “I want my time with my boys to be spent enjoying them.”;” I am a big believer in hiring support.”;   “I think we try to do it all on our own and we don’t realize the compromise that that has on our relationships, on own happiness…”

Regarding Business:     “Asking for what you want, is the most pivotal communication act that there is.”; “(I) look at what I am tolerating and (ask) how can I raise the bar.”

Regarding Entertaining:    With a recent move back to her hometown of Atlanta, Annette has found the “The most important part of entertaining is in the intent.”

A few of the resources Annette mentions:

Home: live-in household helper, driver for kids activities,

Business: virtual assistant, asana Task Management, Google Calendar





TWITTER: @annettesaldana




Annette Saldana is a dynamic facilitator and coach, with over 20 years of experience in revealing the embedded beliefs and assumptions that hinder performance, while yielding creative and compelling breakthrough thinking tools.

She has mobilized top performance among executives, call center representatives, as well as quality and service managers in several industries including financial services, advertising, telecommunications, and non-profits. She founded ASG Training & Development in 2005.

ASG Training & Development works with companies to produce breakthrough results and foster customer loyalty. ASG T&D offers programs that amplify performance by developing good instincts, and shift counter-productive attitudes. ASG T&D has designed customized training programs on the following: engaging in proactive customer exchange, building brand leadership, increasing productivity, and raising service effectiveness. In addition, ASG Training & Development also offers several breakthrough developmental programs such as The Art & Science of Irresistible Requests™ and Committed Communication™.

In 2012, ASG launched a coaching division dedicated to empowering women in business. The Art & Science of Irresistible Requests teaches women to quadruple their profits and peace of mind by learning the correct structure and sequence of “asking”. Entrepreneurs who work with her come away prepared to join those who earn $1 million more before retirement. More information can be found at

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What question would you ask Annette if you had 10 minutes with her? Let me know in the comments below and I will pass it on to her to respond directly! 


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