Creating a New Year’s Eve Party Decoration + Favor Display


How to Set Up Party Decorations via @AnAppealingPlan #entertaining #partyplanning #stylist b

In this video for I discuss how to set up party decorations for New Years Eve or any celebration!

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New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holiday’s. It is the perfect night to host a gathering. Safety first of course! People love to get dressed to the nines on NYE so why not help them put on their final accessories. Creating a DIY display of party decorations and favors for your guests to help themselves to is easy with just a few items. Of course we want to display them in an attractive way rather than a big mess, so lets talk about a few tricks and tips that will help you display the party items.

Before you buy any party decor, I always recommend picking a theme. In this case we’re using gold and silver as our theme.

How to Set Up Party Decorations via @AnAppealingPlan #entertaining #partyplanning #stylist setup 403



  • Julep Cups – 3 Tall / 3 Small
  • Gold and Silver Sun Glasses
  • Gold and Silver Streamers
  • Silver Ornaments
  • Silver Snowflake Napkins
  • Paper Straws with Silver Flags from Washi Tape
  • Champagne Flutes


Place Julep Cups on an entranceway table or bar. Place sunglasses in taller cups sorting by color. Continue to place items into tall and short cups. Arrange Napkins and ornaments on the table along with Champagne flutes.

Toast the night away!

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