From Boardroom to Dining Room Interview: Dr. Jaime Kulaga

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As business women we sometimes forget we need systems in place to allow us to feel complete in our personal lives. We believe that because we can “do it all” when running our businesses, we should be able to do this in every aspect.  During my interview with Dr. Jaime Kulaga we discuss learning your top 5 life roles, and how understanding who in your life represents each of these roles, can lead to a stronger personal support system, ultimately allowing you to feel more confident in every aspect of your life.

I am lucky enough to call Jaime my friend and occasionally share a green drink with her over breakfast. Not only is she a Life Coach professionally, but even as a friend she has a way of pushing you towards your goals and checking in to see what your progress is {in the best way possible of course}.

I know you will enjoy our conversation as much as I did. Set aside a few minutes of quiet time, break out the champagne and toast with us as we celebrate the launch of her new book.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

Regarding Home + Family:

” I have that drive to be the 1% of the population.”; “When you stop comparing yourself with others that is when you find fulfillment.” ; “Kindness does not equal doormat. DO not confuse the two.”

Regarding Business:

“Owning a business is a roller coaster. One day feel like you taking over the world. The next you are going out of business. You need someone who is going to ride that with you.”; “There is no perfect time to start writing. If you wait for that to happen you will most likely not do it.”


Type “S”uperwoman: Finding the LIFE in Work-Life Balance, Dr. Jaime Kulaga

The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman

{In this interview I mention my planner by Whitney English, The Day Designer}




As an individual life coach: Dr. Kulaga has been successful in helping people work toward a more productive and better life. A life filled with more empowerment and positivity. The focus is on goal attainment and healthy choices.
As a couple’s coach: Dr. Kulaga helps partners advance their relationship in a healthy and positive direction.
As a business coach: Dr. Kulaga uses her training in public speaking and cultural awareness to help enhance cohesion amongst employers in the workforce and use techniques to help those in management maintain the cohesion established.

The SuperWoman Workshops have empowered and helped women to reach goals, take responsibility for their lives and utilize tools to better their personal stories. This book allows women all over the country to take part in this SuperWoman series. As a woman myself, I know that Work encompasses much more than “work,” or whatever pays the bills. A lot of things in life are Work and we cannot let these things become our only Life.

In this book you will learn to become a SuperWoman. Soon you will find out that a Super Woman (two words) should not be mistaken for a SuperWoman (one word). Grab your capes future SuperWomen, as we are about to embark on a journey toward fulfillment and balance!

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