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How to Throw a Coffee Party via @AnAppealingPlan #coffee #entertaining #CelebrateEveryday

A coffee party is a great way to get friends together that maybe you haven’t seen in a long time, or at the office, or perhaps for a girl’s get together.In this video for, I discuss what items you will need to set up for your next coffee talk session.

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  • Regular and Decaf Coffee
  • Creamers, soy milk, half and half
  • Sugar
  • Sugar Alternatives
  • Baked Goods – Muffins, Bagels, Interesting Donuts Varieties
  • Coffee pots {one for each variety}
  • Small Pitchers for each creamer variety
  • Tags or labels for pitchers {optional}
  • Vessel for Packets or Loose Sugar
  • Mugs for Coffee or Espresso
  • Paper Cups for To-Go
  • Small spoons
  • Cake Plates
  • Small Service Plates
  • Forks, Knives as needed
  • Napkins

How to Throw a Coffee Party via @AnAppealingPlan #coffee #entertaining #CelebrateEveryday #donuts #datz4foodies 403

Be sure to provide a variety of coffees as well as baked goods to your guests. You may also provide bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruit, and any special items that you know your guests will like.

You know I love china plates so stay clear of the paper version there but…napkins are a different story. This is where you really can have a little bit more fun, and bring in the theme of your party. Perhaps it is for a bride and groom, maybe you’re having a post-wedding coffee party, you can have little napkins that have their name on them, as well as maybe it’s a spring gathering, a little flower napkins, or great summer coral napkins. Or you can go with a solid coordinating color to your theme or decor.

What is your favorite coffee time? Early morning. Mid Day. After Dinner? Let me know in the comments below. And of course, be sure to share the love… TWEET, PIN + LIKE.


{This video series was filmed at Datz Dough in Tampa, FL. For more information on the restaurant and private rooms visit:}



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