7 Common Excuses Holding Many of Us Back + Creatives Who Have Busted Through Them!

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In this, the third video by Marie Forleo, she discusses the 7 common excuses that hold entrepreneurs back, I will bet that at least one of them applies to you. I know because, most of them have applied to me on and off over the course of the last few years for sure. But before you run off and watch the video let’s talk about a few of the questions and comments I have received from those of you interested in learning more about B-School and my experience with it.

Here are just a few:

“I have been in the same industry for 20 years. Am I going to get enough out of the program.”

“I am just launching my business. Should I should wait till I am more established.”

“I really have so much going on in my life right now. How will I fit B-School in?”

“I have spent money on programs before. Why is this different?”

“I am making ok money in my business now selling locally. Why should I move it on-line?”

I could list 10 more that each person has asked, and completely understand all of them. Your concerns are valid and similar to the ones I asked myself when considering whether or not to take the plunge 1 year ago. So what has been my advice?

“The B-School program is robust. It can be intense and overwhelming at times. Other times you think… of course, I already knew that. But wait, can I think about it or applied it to my business in a new way. The modules are well planned out, the design and copy are on point. The bonuses rock.

That being said, it is just fantastic information, proven systems and high-level concepts until YOU apply them to your life, mindset and business. No one is going to give you all the answers. No one is going to do the work for you. You need to be ready to make this happen, both mentally and physically. 

The biggest surprise to me has been the community that the B-School Alumni and each new class form. From day one you are placed into an amazing group with only B-Schoolers. That’s over 6,500 members and increasing day-by-day with the new class, all there to support you through this. No really, I mean it. Everyone in the group is supportive, there to provide information and resources to help you build and create anything you can image.

I have had the pleasure of meeting several of the members in real life when traveling to their cities, or bumping into them randomly at conferences all over the US. It is an immediate bond that is a foundation for strong friendships and future business partnerships. You know each person is taking their business serious, they are invested and you can relate to them on a different level than you can with those you meet at standard networking events. 

The third aspect of all of this is {the proverbial 12th man}, the change in my own personal mindset. When I made that decision to join, to pay the tuition, it was big. A huge change in my perception about my business, about myself and about the responsibility I now have to take action. “

So you know,  B-School registration is only open until March 4th, 2015 after that you will have to wait until 2015. I still have several calls lined up to talk with those considering making the jump and I can’t wait to speak with them. Each call and conversation reminds me of where I was one year ago, and just how far I have come. Is there a journey still ahead of me? Yes. I have big plans that I will be implementing them everyday, but this is a great exercise for me to realize the growth and progress to date.

I can’t wait to talk to as many people as I can about B-School and if you are considering joining for the 2014 program I would love to discuss it with you either through email or on the phone. Just let me know what is best, I am available.

Because I feel so strongly about the impact B-School has made on me, and I understand the size of the investment, I am offering a few bonuses to those who enter through my link.

These bonuses are available to you only if you enter through my link when the cart opens {otherwise I can not track them…} so be sure to come back and click here to receive them.

Click Here to sign Up for Bschool #AnAppealingPlan

You will receive:

Access to the private Facebook Group

The B-School Facebook Group is a huge asset but can occasionally be over whelming and time-consuming if not well-managed. This group will be about connecting with a smaller group of creatives to walk through it together. Like an accountability partner just like you, starting down this road. I will be there too everyday, answering questions and giving daily support as you need it.

Private Mastermind Group

Bschool can be overwhelming when you first enter. We will meet virtually {or in person if local} each week and discuss how you can apply the module information, what resources helped me during my work and set achievable goals so you can get the most out of the program without losing focus.

B-School Book library

Each module in Bschool is jammed packed with content for you to grow your business, the videos and fun sheets keep you busy for sure, but Marie recommends 2-4 books as resources each week and I know you have already invested your hard-earned money – that’s why I will send you your own copy of the books to add to your library and to read when you are ready to dive in a little deeper.

Extra Value Total

All those bonuses are worth $250, $1000,.. Priceless!. What an incredible opportunity. And did I mention, I will be there with you, supporting you through the journey.

So what will your choice be? Continue to fall for the same excuses that are killing your success, or make the jump to your future. I know you will do the right thing. I can not wait to support your journey.


These bonuses are available to you only if you enter through my link {otherwise I can not track them…} so be sure to come back and click here to receive them {after February 18th when the cart opens}

Still looking to learn more? See this page with further details on the B-School program and bonuses.

A final reminder, I am an affiliate for B-School and I do get a commission for promoting the course. I stand firm on everything I have discussed and have promoted the program in the past as a non-affilitate because I believe it works.


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