Is it Possible to Be a “Healthy Social Butterfly”? with Abigail Dougherty

Can you be a Healthy Social Butterfly interview @thesoulofhealth via @kraylfunch

The first few months of the year are hard for us social butterflies. We made it through the holiday entertaining season, have our 2014 goals {word of the year, core desired feelings, which ever phrase you prefer…} in place but the invites keep coming in. Dinner parties, networking events and family gatherings bring the opportunity to connect with friends and family but don’t always keep us on the straight path to healthy eating. So what is a girl to do?

Meet Abigail Dougherty,  a friend and advocate for healthy living all year long.

Abby and I sat down to discuss ways to eat better when hosting events as well as attend them and it doesn’t mean only eating one carrot stick while everyone else is eating the baked brie! So keep those invites flowing just make a few of the tweaks suggested in our chat. Cheers!

A Few Of My  Favorite Quotes From Abigail:

On Getting Healthy: “Focusing on getting more good stuff”;  “I don’t know how I did it before I started moving.”

On Healthy Entertaining:  “make veggies the star!”, “Make the focus about the people not just the food.”, “have a snack before you head out. This way you will not be making poor food choices based on hunger.”

We also get a little Woo Woo at the end talking about ways to be social and give back. Here’s a tweetable from the last 5 minutes.

“As you move through life live with one hand up and one hand down. Reach up to learn as well as down to pull someone along.”new_twitter_bird_flattened



To put it very simply, I’m a devoted wifey, registered dietitian, foodie, baker, wannabe chef, runner and all around lover of life:)  I want my website to be a place you can come for all things health, wellness and inspiration! I love to help people meet their nutrition goals and inspire them to be the person they always knew they could be – I’ve struggled with my own personal issues with food and know from experience that usually food is not just food.

Abigail Dougherty is a registered and licensed dietitian and owner of The Soul of Health where she focuses on helping people become their best selves through realistic lifestyle nutrition. The Soul of Health encompasses her nutrition philosophy – that we are each unique individuals and there is no one size fits all nutrition plan. Abigail feels her purpose is to spread the joy of living well and adapting a healthy lifestyle, the same way she changed her life – one simple step at a time. Abigail knows first hand what it feels like to be overweight and to live an unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle.  With the help of her loving husband and finding the passion and inspiration from – she decided to make simple  healthy lifestyle changes. …Read More.

Website: www.thesoulofhealth.com

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