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You Amaze Me


you are amazing and dont forget it. #AnAppealingPlan #amazingquotes #love #life


Most kids, when they are little, are told they are amazing. We clap when babies do pretty much anything, smile, laugh, point, etc.. We praise toddlers for putting a square block inside a square hole. These activities show progress and are important markers of development but really, are just the exact same activities that most  humans go through as they develop. {* side note: I know this is not always true, and I appreciate the struggles all the parents for whom this is not the case must deal with.}


do not under estimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. Its our differences that make us unique and beautiful. #anappealingplan #amazingquotes #life #love

So why is it somewhere along the way we stop this. We stop praising each other for the little things. We take for granted that everyone should do X. That of course you can do Y. Everyone can, what makes you so special.

But imagine a different world, where as we grew up those around us still clapped when we came home from a long day at the office, or when we made dinner people oooo’d and ahhhh’d. Smiling, telling us how amazing and inspiring we are.

Today I am going to be amazing. Along with every day here after. #quotes #AnAppealingPlan #life


It’s true most of us do not have our own fan clubs {although some of you lucky ones may…} but today, I am here to clap for you. I am here to tell you that YOU amaze me. By just showing up and being here you amaze me. Add your special skills on top of that and “forgeta abou’ it”

just by showing up and being here you amaze me #AnAppealingPlan @kraylfunch #quotes


That’s right. I said it, and it is true. All of your stories, your day-to-day journey’s, every comment on this blog, every post on the Facebook page, every repost on Instagram . YOU inspire me to be here. To take pictures, to write posts, to share.

today you inspired me. #anappealingplan #life #love #beamazing


So don’t listen to the haters. Listen to those voices from long ago “ooooo”, “ahhhh”, “you are the best”, “you are so smart, and funny”, “you look so cute!”, “I can’t believe you can ______ {fill in the blank with your special skill}.” And stay on your path or take on that new challenge because I KNOW you can do. I KNOW you will rock it no matter what and make a difference in your life and those around you.

dont be afraid of failure. be afraid of not trying in the first place. #mfbschool #marketing #smallbusiness

You can do this. Plan a party, take a new class, dig that garden, start a new business, start that bathroom remodel… what ever it is big or small… You have got it! Make it happen.

life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance you must keep moving. #anappealingplan #live #love #beamazing

Okay – so now its your turn! Tell me in the comments below one person you will call this week and tell them they amaze you.  OOOO and Ahhh over their accomplishment and see their confidence grow. OR share your latest accomplishment so we can all clap for you.

~ Krayl

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