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Last week I was traveling for a client event and was also able to schedule a few meetings and dinners with friends while I was in the area. I had almost the entire week filled with projects, meetings or visits, very little downtime {except when I was lucky enough to stay overnight in a Bucks County guest house overlooking rolling grass fields with deer running through. Serious #gratitude}.

Sometimes you just need to get away…

Sometimes you just need to get away. #celebrateeveryday via @AnAppealingPlan #inspiration 403x

On my travel day back I had planned to catch up on emails and other on-line projects on my to-do list that must be a mile long after being mainly off-line for the last week. I sit at an airport restaurant, after a nightmare security line, and pull out my phone to “get back in touch”. Surprise! No emergencies. No need to panic. The online world had been just fine with out me. Sure I had emails to respond to and had missed many tags on social media but overall, everything was just fine. And then it hits me… the fact that I am already more “in touch” than I have been in the last few months. My time off-line has forced me to be in the moment, and not just with my clients needs and event details, but with friends, nature, inspiration, design, myself and all the amazing things that I have in my life. I am a lucky girl and I needed to be reminded of it!

remember you are a lucky girl. #celebrateeveryday via @AnAppealingPlan #inspiration #yes 403x

I realized that while my time on-line in moderation is inspiring there is a point of diminishing returns. My time on various social media platforms, Pinterest, Google, etc… and the internet looking at what others are doing, have already done or are suggesting I should be doing can be inspirational and informational, however at some point it may actually be holding me back. Holding us all back from finding inspiration in our own surroundings, from flexing our own creative muscles, from finding beauty in nature, from truly connecting to those around us, and from being aware of just how amazingly lucky we are.

find inspiration in our surroundings. flex our creative muscles. find beauty in nature. connect to those around you. . #celebrateeveryday via @AnAppealingPlan #inspiration 403x

So what am I going to do to correct this situation? Create a new plan, An Appealing Plan of course, a schedule of sorts, to help me schedule back in my creative time. I know at first it seems counter productive to have to schedule in time to be creative but, it is time to take drastic measures at least for the short-term until it becomes a habit again. Per a friend in my mastermind group {thank you Holly} I will be using the theory of time blocking during my week going forward to make the most of my time working, scheduling creative time and then allowing more downtime.

And in conjunction with this new improved plan I am also creating a daily reminder to #CelebrateEveryday, an image a day taken and shared to remind myself, and anyone else out there interested, to step away from the digital world and back into the real world where you are doing amazing things and have an amazing life, right here and now.

So now it is your turn. Will you come with me on this journey. Create your own new schedule and  join me on the #CelebrateEveryday challenge on instagram.

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  • Lisa@TheDecorGirl

    Love it! You are so tuned in, we do need to relate to the world around us not just the virtual social media world. Letting social media rule one’s world, constantly checking Instagram likes, who tweeted about us, etc. is the new procrastination. Effectively this can amount to a colossal waste of time. There is a use for social media for sure, but real contact, observing and learning from real life is still important.

    I’m with you, lets #CelebrateEveryday!

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