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DAY 1: Passion To Print

And away we go! Day 1 of my Passion to Print series, to document my 30 day journey through the book pre-sale kickstarter campaign, and perhaps beyond, while enjoying my favorite of all the seasons, Summer, keeping in mind the message of the book, to Celebrate Everyday, AND still doing all my usual work with clients. {Not familiar with Kickstarter and how it works? Check out my recent post here to learn more. }

Day 1 started off with a jump when the alarm went off, see we have just returned from a few days in Vero Beach with friends and even though it was only a few days getting up “early” to start the day was slightly shocking to the system. It is amazing how quickly you can adjust to sleeping in and sitting by the water sipping on cold beverages brought to you by friendly staff members ready to help you with any request. {Thanks to Jesse at the Vero Beach Hotel for everything if you are reading.}

Sandcastles on Vero Beach #celebrateeveryday via @AnAppealingPlan @KraylFunch sq     Waldos in Vero Beach #celebrateeveryday via @AnAppealingPlan

The downtime was amazing. Great friends, food and fun. Admittedly lacking in the flower category. But as we say… “next time”. {I usually bring flowers for the room but forgot them at home …}

Back to reality and most importantly the launch day for the kickstarter campaign. Tonight at 7PM, if all goes as planned and the Mercury Retrograde vibes aren’t messing with me too much, I will click the big green launch button and away we go.

But I also still I need your help to make this a reality.

Could you please help me spread the word about the Kickstarter campaign?

We are really hoping to sell as many copies of the book as possible in the first week, so we can go viral and get on Kickstarter’s home page. Tonight, June 11th 7PM, when the campaign launches, I would appreciate a little social media lovefest from you all. Help me spread the word everywhere – on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and by email. The first week is the most important to get the word out according to everything I have learned about successful campaigns, your support is SO appreciated. I have created a Social Share Library  located under the book tab to make it super easy to share images, tweets and more. I will be adding more to it over the next 4 weeks, so be sure to come back and visit to grab the new images and posts.

More to come on this book journey to print . Thanks for being here and the amazing support of this project!

PS – be sure to join the virtual party happening on the FB page. Join the Party Here.

kickstarter - AnAppealingPlan Book LeaderBoard Passion to Print Table ad 728 x 90

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