Yellow Wellies On A Sunny Day

June Inspiration

Life is a Celebration. You're invited. I  via @AnAppealingPlan FB banner June

JUNE 2014

I hope your summer is filled with fresh picked berries, sunny days at the beach and dinner tables filled with fresh flowers and friends.

This year June holds many interesting adventures for me including a Kickstarter project to publish my book due out this fall; a beach weekend in Vero Beach, FL with friends; reorganizing our home post construction; a trip to New Hope, PA to paint and get my rental home ready for new renters and I am sure MUCH more.

In a pledge to write more here, I am committing to writing, or posting an image, everyday for the remainder of June. I regularly share pictures on social media to share the beauty I find in everyday surroundings but sometime forget to post them here. These posts will fall under a new category called: Yellow Wellies On A Sunny Day {after my love of my yellow hunter boots and the joy they bring me}

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

XO – krayl

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