Passion to Print Day 15: PSA! Protect Your Berries

A few days ago I brought together friends and their families for a summer gathering on the river complete with crabs, corn, craft beer and a selection of summer berries. The beer, I expected to go quickly but the berries went even faster.

AnAppealingPlan Book Shoot - behind the scenes Kickstarter - summer gathering set up #CelebrateEveryday #AnAppealingPlan

First of all, can I say how amazing the setting was for this celebration?! Thanks to my friend Dr. Dae Sheridan and her fantastic husband for creating a space for the magic to happen. They are regular entertainers and I am always hearing about their impromptu late night gatherings. Dae is a fan of “always having the house ready for people to stop over”, jute roping on her accessories and having a signature drink ready to go. There is no wonder we are friends!

AnAppealingPlan Book Shoot - behind the scenes Kickstarter - summer gathering set up corn shucking #CelebrateEveryday #AnAppealingPlan

Although my adult friends hail from the Northeast – New Jersey to be specific – their kids are Florida born and raised so they had never shucked corn! Yes it is true…. Luckily they were quick learners and seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did growing up.

There is nothing like the fresh smell and feeling of shucking Jersey corn! If you have never done it… grab a beer, a dozen ears and try it out.

AnAppealingPlan Book Shoot - behind the scenes Kickstarter - summer gathering set up berry drink table sunflowers #CelebrateEveryday #AnAppealingPlan


Back to the berries… My intention was to have a gorgeous drink station, complete with sunflowers, berries in pretty blue pint boxes, lavender honey in my favorite weck container, with themed cocktail napkins {super fan of the cocktail napkin thanks to my Grandmom}, but my plans were “modified” by a certain berry thief!

AnAppealingPlan Book Shoot - behind the scenes Kickstarter - summer gathering berry stealer #CelebrateEveryday #AnAppealingPlan

That’s right folks. 3 pints of berries {well almost 4 once the refills came in} where quickly devoured by this cute little lady in the Zinna print sun dress!

My take away from this day….  the best laid plans are frequently altered in the name of enjoying the moment.

So please, as much as I love a good plan, THE most important part of life is the celebration of it. Do NOT get so stuck on how you think it “should go”  that you miss out on the amazing experiences that are happening all the time, everyday and right now around you.

To wrap up, I would like to thank you all of you who have supported this Kickstarter project in any way. It is incredibly humbling to see the daily posts being shared, backers emails coming in and overall love being put towards this book.

 Only 14 days to go…. let’s make this happen!! Remember, this project ONLY gets funded if it is FULLY funded at the end of the campaign.

What ever you can do is appreciate: Pledge To Fund An Appealing Plan the Book or Socially Share It. Gratitude and Virtual Hugs go out to you!!


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  • Lisa

    Simply gorgeous! I love the berry thief. 🙂 You have some great advice here about enjoying the moment, even if things don’t go as planned.

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