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Passion To Print Day 28: PARTY TIME! WE DID IT!

We did it! With the support of this amazing community we met our Kickstarter funding goal yesterday afternoon just around 2:30PM!

I am over the moon excited!

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As I sat at my desk and watched the number switch over to $5,002, I paused and started to tear up with gratitude. I have been SO incredibly overwhelmed by the response from the backer community, from your financial pledges to personal notes to the social sharing, this entire project has been an incredible journey. I truly appreciate your kind words and belief in this book.

With only a few days remaining to pledge {the campaign officially closes on Friday July 11th at 7:11pm} there is still time to pre-order books, upgrade to a private session or encourage others to. Or perhaps you realized you need one more book to give your neighbor? You can upgrade your pledge at anytime before close.

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Now you may be asking…So what will happen with the “extra money”? Although we have exceed the $5,000 funding goal, all the funds will continue to go into the first run of the book. The large portion of our funding was in the form of book sales, so for each pledge it mainly covers the printing, shipping, kickstarter and amazon fees. Each additional sale will continue to cover these costs, we will simply need to print more books! {learn more about the entire process on this article on the blog: What is a kickstarter?}

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT #kickstarter by @AnAppealingPlan @KraylFunch learn more 

I have been so involved in the promotion of the Kickstarter over the last month that now it’s time to get back to writing, selecting the perfect images, testing final recipes, creating the final front + back covers, and pulling all my resource + thank you pages together. I can’t wait to get back to it.

This weekend we will be holding our final group shoot and creating Christmas in July! That’s right, a tree trimming party complete with a tree and a festive holiday cocktail. Be sure to look for it on the Passion To Print pages of the blog.

Again thank you for being here, believing in this book and supporting this dream! Continue to follow the journey using #CelebrateEveryday

XO ~ Krayl

{Don’t forget we still have time spread the word by sharing this link or visiting the Social Share Library for more click to tweet links like this one: CLICK TO TWEET }

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