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Snack Time: Savory Vs. Sweet Recipes

It is the great debate in the world of snack foods. Which side of the foodie fence do you stand on?

Savory VS Sweet? Olives VS Cupcakes?


Cupcakes vs Olives #AnAppealingPlan #KraylFunch

For the last few weeks my world has become consumed by completing my first book, An Appealing Plan: A Year of Everyday Celebrations, and I have been neglect on posting anything on the blog. To be honest, I am going a little stir crazy finalizing reciepes in all the  categories so lets have a little fun and distract me for a moment if you don’t mind.

I know without a doubt which way I lean, but what about you? When you are craving that afternoon or late night snack, what do you grab out of the pantry; Olives OR Cupcakes?

Let the debate begin. Let me know in the comments below which one and why. Don’t forget to sign up to ensure you are on the list to learn all about the book launch. See you in the comments!
XO – kf

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